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Hardware sub_subject: General,Hardware sub_subject: Memory Structures,Hardware sub_subject: Input/Output and Data Communications, Computer Systems Organization sub_subject: General,Computer Systems Organization sub_subject: Processor Architectures,Software sub_subject: Programming Languages,Data sub_subject: Data Storage Representations,Computing Milieux sub_subject: Computers and Education,Computer architecture, Assembly language, Visualization and Simulation, Education
Hardware sub_subject: General,simulator, robot
Hardware sub_subject: Input/Output and Data Communications,test
Hardware sub_subject: Logic Design,circuit simulation, digital logic, education
Hardware sub_subject: Logic Design,logic circuit,logic gates,digital circuit
Hardware sub_subject: Memory Structures,Computer Systems Organization sub_subject: Processor Architectures,computer architecture, education, papers
Hardware sub_subject: Miscellaneous, PDP-8, computer, simulator
Hardware sub_subject: Miscellaneous,Computer Systems Organization sub_subject: Miscellaneous Computing Milieux sub_subject: Miscellaneous hardware simulator, robot
Hardware sub_subject: Miscellaneous,computer, applet
Hardware sub_subject: Miscellaneous,PowerPC, signal, timing, bus, microprocessor
Hardware sub_subject: Register-Transfer-Level Implementation Computer Systems Organization sub_subject: Processor Architectures Computer Systems Organization sub_subject: Computer System Implementation Little Man Computer, LMC, Hardware Concepts
Hardware sub_subject: Register-Transfer-Level Implementation,Computer Systems Organization sub_subject: General,Computer Systems Organization sub_subject: Processor Architectures,Computer Systems Organization sub_subject: Miscellaneous modeling of computer architecture, simulation, design, languages, computer uses in education
Hardware sub_subject: Register-Transfer-Level Implementation,simulator, CPU, architecture, register-transfer level
Human-Computer Interaction
Information Management
Information Systems sub_subject: Database Management, Database, DBMS, Entity-Relationship
Information Systems sub_subject: Database Management,Computing Milieux sub_subject: Computers and Education,Database Management Systems
Information Systems sub_subject: Database Management,Database, DBMS, Entity-Relationship
Information Systems sub_subject: Database Management,Information Systems sub_subject: Information Storage and Retrieval,Information Systems sub_subject: Information Systems Applications,electronics.
Information Systems sub_subject: General Information Systems sub_subject: Database Management , Computing Milieux sub_subject: Computers and Education,Database Courseware, Instructional Software, Entity Relationship, E-R, Class Diagram, DDL, DML, Object-Relational, Concurrency, Deadlock
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